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Investa Summit

Year 2019

Year 2020

Investa Summit is the biggest gathering of some of the best and most prominent stock market traders in the Philippines. This is not your usual conference where you’re given general advice on saving and investing.

Trader’s Summit

THIS IS NOT YOUR USUAL INVESTING CONFERENCE. In this summit, you’ll learn straight from traders and fund managers who live and breathe the markets, the few who have mastered their craft and those who have successfully made millions by beating the financial markets.

InvestaTrading Cup

Investagrams’ Trading Cup is the biggest and grandest trading competition in the Philippines. Gathering all the traders from beginners to professional fund managers eyeing to be on top and to be recognized as one of the best traders in the country.

InvestaTrading Cup Defense

Year 2017
Year 2018

Year 2019

Year 2020

Learn the exact trading techniques, mindset and strategies from the TOP TRADERS of Trading Cup competition - these people surpassed their limits and won over THOUSAND CHALLENGERS.

InvestaFest 2021

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We have gathered 30+ top entrepreneurs, industry disruptors and innovators to help you level up your business, fix your finances and become the best version of yourself.

InvestaPrime Millionaire’s Cup

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This competition is open to everyone who is part of #TeamPrime. Prove that you are a TRUE PRIME TRADER who can handle a Million-Peso portfolio.

Paano Yumaman? A Crash Course on Personal Finance

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Take control of your finances and take control of your life. In this crash course, we’ve gathered experienced professionals that have built solid communities toward helping Filipinos reach their goals by managing finances properly.

Inspire PH

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Learn the secrets to success from the country’s top stock traders, entrepreneurs, investors, and startup founders through our exclusive video coverage. Be in the know on how to take the first steps toward chasing your dreams, creating an impact, and building wealth—ultimately achieving all-around success without compromise through Investagrams' Inspire PH.

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