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What is InvestaGems?

InvestaGems is our new in-app currency (replacing InvestaPoint) which you can use to purchase the most powerful trading tools in the market, premium educational videos, and our limited edition Investa merchandise.

Subscriptions and Items you can purchase using your InvestaGems:

What will happen to my InvestaPoints?

Your InvestaPoints will automatically converted to InvestaWallet credits based on the following conversion:

1 InvestaPoint = 0.05 InvestaWallet credit


How do I earn InvestaGems?

You can earn and get a chance to win exciting prizes by Spinning the Roulette daily.

Collecting your Daily Log-in Bonus.

Does InvestaGems expire?

No, InvestaGems does not have an expiration date.

Where can I see the InvestaGems Reward Center?

InvestaGems is accessible on Investagrams Web Homepage And Apps Tab on Mobile App.

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