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1. Go to or you can download Investa mobile App to sign up.

2. Click Sign up, enter your First Name, Last Name, email address and password then click Register.

  • You can also click Login with Facebook to sign up with your Facebook account or Login with Google to sign up with your Google account.
  • For Apple users, you can also sign up using your Apple ID.

3. If you register with Facebook or Google, you'll be prompted to log into your

account if you're currently logged out.

Should I need to pay to create an Investa account?

Creating an Investa account is absolutely FREE. We also have paid subscriptions that you can purchase to have Premium access.

Can I open an Investa account as a student?

Yes you can. However, you still have to upload any of the listed valid IDs to validate your account. You may refer to this link for the list of accepted valid IDs.

I am an OFW, can I still create and use my Investa account abroad?

Yes! You can still create an account and use all Investa features even abroad as long as you have a proper subscription and there are no website restrictions in your country.

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