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InvestaSocial House Rules

Investa is a place where you can easily share and find information and ideas about stocks, markets and other investments. We encourage a wide range of opinions and/or arguments, however we also believe that a respectful, spam-free and on-topic stream creates the most valuable experience for all our users.

Exchange of thoughts, collaboration, disagreement and debate about ideas, equities and other investments is allowed and highly encouraged within the community, however, the following behaviors are not allowed:

1. Posting or commenting to a thread that includes hate, insult, mock, harass, threaten another person or a company on Investa and usage of offensive languages that are offensive, foul, profane, vulgar, and defamatory language are not allowed in the community.

2. Posting irrelevant links on non-stock market or non-investment related topics, business or advertisements as well as promoting community links outside the Investa platform are not allowed. This includes recruiting members, networking, selling of things, solicitation, whether or not related to the stock market or investing, and many others.

3. Hyping and bashing of a stock including pump and dump scheme to generate attention that might lead to false and misleading information is not allowed.

4. Adding $TICKER tags to a message or link that has little or nothing to do with the $TICKER (also known as Ticker Spam).

5. Excessive posting or commenting about a specific stock and/or company with the same, or very similar messages and links multiple or numerous times in a day that might annoy, provide discomfort, or may bother other news feed readers (also known as spamming).

6. Spreading false rumors and unconfirmed information about a particular stock/company.

7. Creating multiple accounts to post, message, or like about a particular stock and duplicate messages.

8. Posting inappropriate content such as nudity, vulgar, and other explicit content.

9. Use of a company, a public figure, or another person's name, photo, logo, and other related matters and using it as your own is not allowed as this may cause misleading information to users.

InvestaGroup House Rules

1. Feel free to post any topic for discussion, opinion, statement, or questions you may have regarding stock market trading or any other investing related matters.

2. Please respect and be kind to other group members. We are all here to learn from one another and engage in a proper way.

3. Hate speech, bullying, hyping, foul, offensive, nudity, vulgar, spam, marketing a product or event and encourage users to move out of InvestaGroup and re-form their groups outside InvestaGroup, or unsolicited advertising that is not related to Investagrams’ mission is not allowed in this group.

4. No posting of false or misleading news that may affect the market sentiment.

Do not overpost. We fully support ‘live activity’ from users, but we highly encourage that these posts must be informative and relevant to the InvestaGroup’s mission with no exaggerations with extensive/frequent postings.

5. Respect everyone's privacy. Being part of the InvestaGroup requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What's shared in the group should stay in the InvestaGroup unless otherwise stated.

6. Please respect the intellectual property of Investa in providing quality learning modules.

7. All opinions will be treated with mutual respect, unless they violate the aforementioned rules. Treat your fellow InvestaGroup members, moderators and administrators with that same respect.

8. If a user starts a discussion that all other members disagree with, it may, at the discretion of the group admin, be considered a violation. Violators will be booted out of the group by the admins.

9. Violation of these guidelines may result in the inactivation of your InvestaGroup Community.

Violations of the InvestaSocial and InvestaGroup House Rules will lead to the deletion, mute and/or permanent suspension of your account and in severe cases, a ban from creating additional accounts.

Investa reserves the right to add/modify its house rules as seems fit and deemed necessary to maintain the Investa Community healthy.

Our team of administrators and moderators are doing their best to address such situations and users. You can definitely help to alleviate them by reporting any misconduct or violations so we could take immediate actions. Rest assured that we are monitoring closely every actions here in Investa to keep a normal, productive and constructive environment for everyone.

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